Underwater ROV Video Inspections

Complete above and below water Video inspections and reporting.

Above waterline and roof structure inspections utilizing:

  • ROV with pontoon system
  • Pole mounted zoom
  • Pan/tilt video camera technology

Below waterline utilizing:

  • Free swimming, underwater ROV video camera

Benefits to our services:

  • Water systems remain on-line – No shut downs of service required
  • No confined space issues or entry.
  • Visuals of key components such as walls, floor, ceiling and appenditures.
  • ROV arm can easily remove debris or objects that have entered equipment.
  • Designated potable water equipment for reservoir.
  • Professionally edited and rendered inspection video.
  • Pictorial reports with key issues identified.
  • Coatings and liners inspected in service.
  • Sediment depth estimated.

Endorsed by the Ministry of the Environment. Complies with NRC and AWWA best practices.

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