Underwater CCTV Industrial Video Inspections

We have a large variety of cameras for all situations. We use our system in various industrial, municipal and commercial settings.

Equipment can be utilized in many different applications for every type of ongoing or turnaround project.   Experienced in working alongside other trades in various degrees which include.

  • Intrinsically safe/explosion proof push cams and crawlers utilized in oily water pipelines where vapours and fumes may be flammable.
  • Verification of foreign material exclusion in piping, structures, tanks, housings and reservoirs.
  • Ideal for inspecting smaller diameter piping and structures that are not accessible to personnel.
  • Inspect areas and points of interest in confined spaces without entry
  • Used for emergency troubleshooting to identify issues and minimize downtime
  • Inspect and visually access pitting, debris and mechanical damage without the complete teardown of equipment or scaffolding.
  • Valve function and seating verification without costly shut downs and removals.

We have utilised various different camera systems in multiple application. Some of these include:

  • Push Camera systems with various diameter heads ranging from 3/4 inch to 1.5 inches. Where orientation is needed our self leveling camera is utilised. These have been used to access piping, exchangers and drains throughout or projects. A sky system has been utilised to allow camera centering and further lengths of travel in horizontal piping. This sky setup also allows added lighting for larger diameter situations.
  • HD, Pan and tilt push cameras with heads measuring 3 inches. These allow us to insert in piping, small vessels and venting chambers to allow a full 360 degree. These allow us  to assess coatings, linings, refractory material and structural characteristics.
  • ROV Crawlers with multiple configurations to allow added lighting and pan, tilt and zoom options. Longer runs can be assessed to 200-300 feet with minimal elbow restrictions.
  • Underwater and Above Waterline ROVs have been utilised to access reservoirs and larger diameter piping. This system can few above and below the waterline to allow a 100% visual on internal conditions. To utilise this system water must be clear to allow proper visuals of surrounding surfaces. A claw is included on this system to allow retrieval of objects and has been utilised to hook larger material to allow workers to remove debris.
  • Pole Mounted Zoom Cameras have been used to allow visuals within vessels and larger open spaces. These HD cameras allow zooming up to 25 times and can pan, tilt and zoom. Lighting is paramount in these instances and the equipment lighting output can be varied to all situations. These have been utilised within nitrogen blanketed areas and can be lowered using additional sections of poles to ensure control within any space. Heads vary in size from 4 inches to 14 inches based on opening sizes.

DVR monitoring system, allows us to render an inspection video with our report and give real time footage to keep the project moving in the right direction.

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