Water Treatment Grounds Security Audits

Complete security inspections of industrial, municipal and commercial grounds. Areas we have been utilized on a regular basis include:

  • Water towers
  • Pump stations
  • Reservoir locations
  • Refineries
  • Surrounding grounds, fences and gates

Annual inspections of grounds and facilities have been utilized for many years to assess everything from possible security issues to minor/major safety concerns. Fence lines and gates are the first line of defence and are verified thoroughly during our inspections. Over the years they deteriorate due to many things such as ground erosion, un-authorized personal and wildlife activity.

When it comes to towers, reservoirs and maintenance/equipment buildings safety and security are checked. A lock misplaced or forgotten can allow anyone or anything to have access to an area that could cause damage or even death in some cases. These are checked, verified and documented to allow our customers an overview of all conditions and activities taking part in and around their facilities.

Many things come included in this service that can be seen as value added. Ground water entering through holes, cracks and erosion can be seen and documented during our sweep. General conditions of facilities and structures can also be documented and noted in our extensive reports. General facility safeguards such as rails and ladders are verified for safety and compliance with today’s standards.

With a team of experienced auditors we can expose any safety, security and/or operational concerns that could be present.

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