Concrete Basins, Sumps and Digesters Inspections

Concrete has been used in various liquid and solid material holding tanks. These include:

  • Sumps
  • Reservoirs
  • Digesters
  • Holding Ponds
  • Piping and Draining

There are many different ways to assess these structures through manned inspections, remotely operated vehicles, CCTV Video Inspection Systems and Remote Control Acoustic Sonar Mapping Systems.

Manned Inspections are by far the easiest way to inspect some of these structures. Testing, coring and residue testing is much more detailed when the area can be accessed. In most cases this causes long and costly shutdowns and can reduce the efficiency of a system that these are contained in.

Remotely Operated Vehicles and CCTV Video Inspections can and have been used for many years to allow visuals where personnel can’t readily access. Many different designs and systems can be used such as various crawler and push cam systems that can even be tailored for hazardous locations. We have many different systems at our disposal, everything from a pole mounted zoom camera to intrinsically safe push cams and crawlers.

Remote Operated Acoustic Sonar Systems can be used in larger open settings. These allow personnel to not only see the sediment levels in such things as storm water ponds, clarifiers and catch basins but can also detect defects in the concrete structures through deviations and anomalies. An added benefit of this system is piping locations that can clearly be seen in the 3d map generated on the tested area.

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