Coating Inspections

NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) trained and certified coating inspectors provide quality control inspections for interior, exterior coatings and linings inspections/assessments.  Areas include:
  • Water and waste water facilities, towers and reservoirs
  • Refineries and tank farms
  • Municipal and MOT bridges and support structures
  • Lake freighters and tankers
NACE qualified inspectors for every application, including:
  • FRP Lining Systems
  • Vinyl Lining Systems
  • Epoxy, Polyurethanes, Siloxannes and Alkyd Systems
  • Cementitious Epoxy Parged Systems
  • Rubberized Membranes
  • Corrosion Under Insulation
Quality assurance agents for principals: Services include:
  • Specifications and Scope Writing
  • Project Management, Supervision and Safety Assurance
  • Inspection Testing Plan Writing
  • Coating Evaluation and Failure Investigations
  • Integrated Coating Inspections within departments and Projects such as Asset Management and Corrosion Under Insulation
Example of our total integrated program would be our current involvement in a plant wide CUI program at a large chemical/petroleum refinery. Some of the areas we are involved include:
  • Scope and coating procedure writing based on principal engineered standard and coating manufacturing specifications.
  • Planning, contractor reviews and efficiency aid through scheduling and day to day progress reports.
  • Prep inspections and reviews prior to coating application. This includes mandated testing such as chloride testing, adhesion testing and pitting/defects exposed by prep work not seen during invasive inspections.
  • Inspections between coats to ensure compliance with current scope and standards.
  • Inspections of the applied coating once steam tracing has been applied to ensure any damage can be repaired to allow the coating to work as intended and for the proper life expectancy.
  • Review and report ongoing project status and completion through direct communication with unit heads and reports submitted to appropriate site personnel.
During this ongoing program we have been given an office on site to allow quick turnaround for insulation application and scaffolding removal to mitigate extended costs. This also aids efficiency during projects that are time sensitive such as when lines are lifted to allow cold support inspection and coating. These lines are generally still in service and can not be left lifted for long periods of time. Inspection of the area does take place once completed to ensure any supports and hangers have been re-installed.
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