CCTV Potable Water Sediment and Sludge Removal

Dedicated equipment for use in potable water towers and reservoirs. Dedicated equipment for industrial waste storage basins, cleaning separators and sludge vaults.

Advantages to our systems:

  • No drainage of tanks, wells or basins is necessary and the system can remain in-service.
  • No confined space entry required.
  • Thoroughly removes and discharges debris, with no turbidity. Water quality is not compromised.
  • Real time underwater video inspection. Real time video monitoring of sediment removal.

Equipment is disinfected at the time it is inserted into unit to maintain water quality during sediment removal.   Operator logs issues found during process to allow for quick object removal or concerns to be passed onto customers in real time.   Water discharged is de-chlorinated and discharged material filtered and collected through a geo textile fabric for off -site disposal.

Endorsed by the Ministry of the Environment. Complies with NRC and AWWA best practices.

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