Corunna, Ontario
Servicing the Industrial, Municipal and Commercial Sectors


PW Makar Coating Inspections Ltd. has been diversified into many different areas of expertise.  Areas specialized include:

  • Industrial Coating inspection – NACE Trained and Certified Inspectors with more than 25 years experience.
  • Remotely operated vehicles for video inspections of pipes, vessels, tanks and all areas where owners and operators can’t traditionally access due to atmospheric or access restrictions.
  • ROV inspections in potable water for warrantee inspections, foreign material exclusions, coating analysis, sediment gauging and equipment retrieval.
  • Robotic sediment removal in cooling towers, clarifiers, Potable water towers and reservoirs and catch basins.
  • Shallow water acoustic sonar sediment volumes and distribution surveys for cooling towers, waste water lagoons, clarifiers, catch basins, storm water ponds and any other areas where a unmanned vessel can access.
  • Grounds inspections to assess security, safety and general issues.
  • Filter bed coring to assess filtering media conditions.
  • Infrared Thermography to assess everything from flare stack health to mechanical issues in process operations.
  • Asset Management Programs, Project Management and Corrosion Abatement Programs to ensure equipment efficiency and longevity.

In business since 1993 with more than 70 years cumulative experience.

We are regularly relied upon to produce new ideas and innovative solutions to many different issues throughout the industry. We pride ourselves on creating and implementing the best solutions and practices into our services with an emphasis on customer retention.