Corunna, Ontario
Servicing the Industrial, Municipal and Commercial Sectors

Coating Inspections

NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) trained and certified coating inspectors provide quality control inspections for interior, exterior coatings and linings inspections/assessments.  Areas include:

  • Water and waste water facilities, towers and reservoirs
  • Refineries and tank farms
  • Municipal and MOT bridges and support structures
  • Lake freighters and tankers

NACE qualified inspectors for every application, including:

  • FRP Lining Systems
  • Vinyl Lining Systems
  • Epoxy, Polyurethanes, Siloxannes and Alkyd Systems
  • Cementitious Epoxy Parged Systems
  • Rubberized Membranes

Quality assurance agents for principals:

Services include:

  • Specifications and Scope Writing
  • Project Management, Supervision and Safety Assurance
  • Inspection Testing Plan Writing
  • Coating Evaluation and Failure Investigations